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Enterprises need a strong, feature filled messaging solution. But they slog in getting the right solution. There are many reasons hidden behind this like

-Messaging solutions off late have become too complex and resource oriented

-Upgrades are too expensive

-Browser based users don’t meet the requirements of power users who need to work from a remote location

Product Features: The Dynamic Systems Enterprise Messaging Server is a GNU/Linux based collaboration platform that gives you almost 100 percent availability with clustering and fail over. Our messaging solution uses a native Linux file system which is rock solid and eliminates the need for you to manage a database. The messaging server felicitates the organizations with a quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage server.

The product is extremely flexible and effortlessly scales up to serve networks and organizations of as little as 20 users to 1000 users and more. Using the Easy Push Server Manager, a web based server management system developed exclusively to ease the management of a Dynamic Systems Enterprise server, the server administrator will be able to manage and monitor everything using a Mozilla-based web browser from anywhere on the network or even the Internet.

The Advantages:

-Reduce cost and complexity

-Increase freedom of choice with open standards

-Transition impeccably

The feature list of our Enterprise Messaging Server is enclosed below:

-Email Services: They use authenticated SMTP services to securely send and receive email. POP3 services allow you to fetch email from the server while you can use IMAP services to store and access mail on the server itself.

-Multiple domains, Unlimited users: Dynamic Systems Enterprise Messaging Server supports multiple email domains to be simply hosted on the same mail server. There is no subjective limit on the number of domains that can be simultaneously hosted on the same server. Similarly, the server also puts no limit on the number of users or email accounts that can be created.

-Advanced Account Management: Dynamic Systems Enterprise supports every advanced user and group account management techniques that give the server administrator a very polished and excellent control of each account on the server. Based on LDAP-based directory services, the account management system on the Dynamic Systems Enterprise Messaging Server integrates authentication, access control, contact and mail server information for all users and groups. This simply means that everything can be controlled and configured in one place and all services (email, domain authentication, address books) pick up information from the same location. No duplication of information at all!

-Webmail: This enables mail client and operating system to independently access the email from anywhere on the Internet. Using any browser, you can get access to all your email as well as all your email folders (if you use IMAP).

-Centralizes Address Books: Centralized organization-wide LDAP-based address books that are easily accessible from web mail and mail clients alike.

-Email Lists: This list assists you in hosting email-based discussion lists. Email lists can be simple email distribution lists or can also have advanced mailing-list like features for sender restriction, moderation and access control.


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