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Koozali SME Server is a leading linux distribution server system for small and medium enterprises. It is a simple, powerful, secure Linux server for networking and communicating, used by thousands of individuals, companies and organizations all over the world. Koozali SME Server provides a friendly, more affordable alternative to other expensive proprietary software(Windows Server), standing apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured, and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable Contributions.

Koozali SME Server is built on CentOS using Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources. It's advantages include:

-Simple to set up and use

-Secure and stable to operate

-Cross platform and extendible to meet future needs

-Pocket friendly compared to other software

Koozali SME Server provides the following standard functionality:

-Ease of Administration

-File and print sharing

-Sharing of a single Internet connection between multiple computers

-A robust email server, which includes virus and spam filtering and webmail

-A network firewall to protect against Internet intruders

-Secure remote access

-Directory services

-Web application server, including support for Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python (LAMPP)

-RAID and Backup

-Automatic updates

-Scalability and much more ....


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