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Our Fleet Management System uses state of the art technology in the Kenyan market, making our Fleet Management package second to none. We believe in quality, affordability and giving everyone a chance to secure their fleet of vehicles be it commercial or private. The following Commercial Business Vehicles Fleet Management tracking package tailor made for Long Distance Transport Vehicles Operators; Trailers and Haulers is offered to our customers.Its main features include:

-Current location report

-Tracking by time interval

-Built - in motion sensor for power saving

-SOS panic button

-Geo-fencing control

-Low battery alert

-Speeding alert

-Engine Cut by SMS

-Listen In Fuctionality

-Fuel Level Sensors

-Fuel Consumption Reports

-Alert when vehicle enters/exits GPS blind area

-Alert when vehicle is turned on

-Sound recording

-Digital Input for Engine Control

-User Name and Password to access the Fleet Management System

-Engine Temperature

-Over speed Detection Reports

-Brake PSI Reports

-Drive Identification and RFID Codes

-Track Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile Phone or Computer


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