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ISP Throttling and Best VPNs to Deal with Them

Internet structure in Africa isn’t as well established as other continents. Only a few countries have high internet usage rate, and even fewer countries are providing good speeds. In most African countries, user IP and bandwidth consumption is monitored, and if someone exceeds the approved limit, their speed is lowered even further. This deliberate lowering of speed by local internet service provider (ISP) is known as throttling, and almost every internet service provider in Africa is doing it. Throttling causes a lot of problems for internet users who are fond of streaming content, online gaming, downloading movies, etc.

Fortunately, a simple and reliable solution to this problem exists in the form of virtual private network (VPN) apps. They let users mask their IP and hide their online activities, thus keeping their ISPs guessing. There are plenty of VPNs available in the online market, but only a handful of them are cut out for dealing with the ISP throttling problem. We’ve shortlisted the best VPN options to save you the trouble.


FalcoVPN is a multiplatform paid and free VPN proxy that can take care of your throttling problem without a hitch. When installed and enabled on your mobile device, it directs all your traffic through a secure channel to the VPN server, thus hiding your IP, data, and basically your entire internet usage from your ISP. This allows you to keep downloading to your heart’s desire without letting your ISP catch a gist of what you’re really doing on the internet. Do keep in mind that your ISP will notice an increased bandwidth consumption from your end, though they won’t be able to discover anything beyond that. It is pertinent to mention that FalcoVPN boasts a wide range of additional features, enabling it to deliver a gratifying VPN experience, and receives regular updates to keep pace with the dynamic technological trends.


In a continent like Africa where throttling of internet connection is commonplace, HideMyAss can deliver coveted relief by passing your data through a tunnel that your ISP is unable to peek through. It is unable to determine why so much bandwidth is being pulled by you or what exactly is the bandwidth being allocated to. Since it has no way of overcoming this confusion, it is unlikely to mess with your internet connection. If it does, you can always make an angry complaint and completely deny the fact that you were actually downloading something or streaming your favorite show in high resolution. HideMyAss will make sure they are unable to verify your claim.


If both of the aforementioned VPNs don’t do the trick for you, then you can give PureVPN a shot. It works quite similarly to the others, but it is quite user-friendly. Even if you don’t possess enough knowledge about technology, you will still be able to use this tool rather easily. Every option you need is presented up front so you don’t have to navigate through multiple menus just to see what this tool has to offer. It lacks the build quality and feature-rich arsenal that its rival apps boast, but if you’re just interested in evading the probing eye of your ISP, PureVPN is more than capable of delivering you complete satisfaction.


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